Before The End – Level Art

This scene I wanted to create a small environment using the Infinity Blade: Grass Lands pack. The goal was to create an abandoned ruin located on an small island and really emphasize on creating a look of overgrowth. I like when the player asks: “what happened here?” and that’s the feeling I wanted to achieve, a feeling of curiosity and fascination.

The inspiration for this environment was old castles in Spain. Every time I’m in Spain I love to find and explore old castles from the 16th century and just imagine how life was there before it all went down. What did they do, what where their routines, how was life here? Those where the questions I asked myself when creating this scene, and I ask them because I don’t know myself.

This scene was created in 1 day.

Asset packs used:

Infinity Blade: Grass Lands