Neon Murder Scene – Level Art

In this small project I wanted to create a modern environment with a neon and cyberpunk feel. I wanted it to look gritty and dirty with a lot of focus on smaller details like decals and small props. Then I also wanted a darker twist, so I made one part look like a murder scene with corpses, placed in a ritualistic fashion. This scene was created in 3 days, not working full time.

As a side thing I also wanted to experiment with the player camera. I took inspiration from The Evil Withing which uses a 2.35 aspect ratio, that creates a very movie-like look and is extra intense if the camera is very close to the character. When this is used in games I find it to be very interesting, if used well, so I wanted to try it myself.

Sources of inspiration: Bladerunner, Deus Ex, The Neon Demon, The Evil Within
and Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days.

Asset packs used:

Hong Kong Alley by Tom Meltser

Horror Pack by Alexander Shitikov

Industry Props Pack 5 by SilverTm

Reflections by Epic Games

Animations: Mixamo Animation Pack

Music: Danger by Nicolas Gasparini aka Myuu