Personal Projects – Scripting

Slow-Motion with Mana

I have always been a big fan of the Prince of Persia games and Max Payne. So in this project I wanted to create a slow-motion ability. When the player holds down the right trigger the time will slow down. When this is activated the slow motion energy depletes and when it reaches zero the slow-mo ends. By not using the ability the energy starts to go up. In the project I call it mana. I also did a camera transition script which changes the camera perspective on interaction with certain objects.

Portable Spawner

In this small project I wanted to make a prototype for a portable spawns system. The player has an inventory of three “spawners” which they can place wherever they want and where the last spawner is placed the player will spawn the next time they die. If the player wants to change the placement of the spawner they kan pick it up and re-place it somewhere else.

Horror Base Mechanics

Here I wanted to create a base for a simple horror game with:

  • Sprinting system with stamina for the main character
  • A flashlight with depleting power and batteries
  • Documents with up to three pages the player can pick up and read
  • Doors which can be placed anywhere together with buttons to open
  • Simple AI which hunts the character when close and loses track if the player escapes
  • An interaction interface to make all interactions in the game easy to implement
  • A simple but nice looking first person camera with head bobbing and full character

As a bonus I also made sure to play sounds for sprinting and finishing sprinting.