Swingbot is a side-scroller adventure game created in 2016 during 2 weeks by a team of 6 people where you play as a robot trying to find freedom.




This was a 2 week project in 2017 to help the team behind Skylar and Plux Adventure on Clover Island create short time trial levels for their game as extra content. The level was created by me alone.



This is a small project from 2017 where I created a CTF map for Unreal Tournament. Worked for 3 weeks with everything from initial idea to blockout and playtest.



Apex is a first person tactical running game made in 2017 during a 7 weeks period with a team of 8 people, both designers and artists.




Here is a collection of level blockouts I worked on in 2018 to learn more about level design. Worked on each level for 1-2 days with the goal to learn new aspects of level design.


Here you will find a collection of small projects where I wanted to practice my scripting skills (in blueprints) and try out ideas. These are from 2016-2017.




A project where I wanted to focus on level art and environmental storytelling in addition to level design.




Similar to Neon Murder Scene, but instead of having a level set in a city I wanted to try something in a more natural environment.



A collection of different levels made using the tools provided in Far Cry Arcade